Maybe you’re not a runner and think this doesn’t affect you, so you don’t care but… this entire world of running is a great illustration of how devastating this lockdown farce has been.
This is the series I participated in the most (Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series / The Ironman Group). I’ve been so pissed at how they’ve handled things that I’ve just been deleting all their emails without even reading – but I looked at one today, and decided to play their 4 minute video (which says nothing constructive) – but what I did enjoy, was reading all the comments other athletes were making – not only because the majority are demanding accountability, but because they are finally pushing back on the narrative (and none are too happy with CEO Andrew Messick).
Personally, I lost over $1,000 due to races being cancelled, postponed, or to the most ridicules thing of all; converted to “virtual” runs. Granted, I was upset at losing the money (a lot to me), but I was most upset over the cancellation of events as this is what keeps me going in the world – keeps me grounded – keeps me healthy – keeps me (somewhat) sane. There were a lot of liberal runners who were shaming us last year, telling us the monies went to charity so we should just let it go, but where else in the world do you pay for something, not receive it, and don’t get refunded?
As most have learned, fit people are less likely to be impacted by serious illness. So why quarantine to the point you force healthy people to become unfit? It’s insanity.
All-in-all, I’ve complained little about the money as much as I’ve complained about the cancellation of events and how this has to have been devastating to the charities. Do you know where the lion’s share of the money goes from this series? St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Yes – sick children are being directly impacted by having (or not having) these events.
It is nothing short of disgusting what society has allowed to happen in dismantling healthy people at one end of the spectrum, and taking away from sick children at the other end of the spectrum, all in the name of a virus which is 99.6% survivable.
This is the runner’s world. The world I lived in before people took it away. One where, not only were people accountable for their own health, they let their activities and money benefit sick children. I have not worn a mask one single time and I will not participate in this farce any more than I’m forced to. Want to mask shame me and tell me I’m the one who doesn’t care about people? In my world, it is the other way around – it is your “pretending” that something which is 99.6% survivable, that has been far more devastating to the health and well-being of millions.

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