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How to get around the Apple / Google ban of Parler

January 9th, 2021|Social Media|

How to get around the Apple / Google ban of Parler Many are flocking to new social media alternatives because of the fascists, and unpatriotic actions of entities like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.  Google shut us (PNN) down a few years ago and we folded up. Prior to the November Election, we began to ramp back up because

  • photo from Madison Cawthorn campaign

Cawthorn wants New GOP

December 31st, 2020|Politics|

Cawthorn wants New GOP (photo from Madison Cawthorn campaign) WHO: Representative-Elect Madison Cawthorn WHAT: Wants to create a 'new Republican Party' that inspires young people WHEN: He's already recruiting 2022 congressional candidates and wants "to create a very-well funded super PAC so other patriots won't require the NRCC's help." WHERE: Cawthorn is a newly elected representative in North Carolina

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